Good Intentions

Crushing. Pressing.

It is in these moments where heaven is close even if it may feel like hell.

It is too easy to focus on what is not, too easy to focus on the negative.

It is time to pick yourself up and celebrate what is, before it has come. Victory is yours. Do you not see the reason for the battle? Your enemy wants you to give up. He knows that the only way he can win is if you let him.

Suit up.

Believe that the intentions and plans from God are always good. Trust Him. He wants the best for you. He is always there. He never fails.

It is this truth that helps us get up and get on our knees to do holy battle. It is this truth that helps us when we may be surrounded. It is this truth that leads us through the valley of the shadow of death. It is why joy bubbles from deep within us. It is the reason we press on.

He is good. He is sovereign. He is love.

You are on His mind. Your kids are on His mind. Every thought that may be going through your head He already knows. He has already been tending to your cares.

Trust Him, you will not be overtaken.



On the days where words are stuck inside and the sky is raging black, I tend to feel like I am in a haze. When we had some epic storms recently I found myself searching the sky with excitement and awe. I learned to enjoy thunder and lightning storms after I reached an age where I could see the beauty and strength of God in them rather than feeling struck by fear.

During these storms it struck me that I should have the same perspective during real storms as I do with the storms of life. I should change my focus from struggling to see the sun break through, to waiting in sweet anticipation to see the next powerful act from God within the storm. You see, there has been a storm raging for quite some time now. I have had moments where I felt desperate for a break. Part of my struggle has come from having the wrong perspective at times.

Having the wrong perspective is much like when I was a child. Thunder and lightning scared me. It was the loud noises, the darkness of the sky and the bright flash that comes out of nowhere that could kill you if struck by it, that brought about my fear. But the older that I got, I actually came to yearn for these storms. It made me feel closer to God. He is beautiful, loving and powerful all wrapped together in one. Thunder and lightning storms seem to reveal who God is to me. These storms are symbolic that God could destroy me because of my sin, yet he chooses me and desires to be in a love relationship with me. I am thankful beyond words that he sent his only son Jesus to take care of all my sins so that we could be in a relationship (John 3:16).

Currently, I am choosing to look at this storm as a divine opportunity to see God do some powerful acts, however dark that it may be, no matter how fierce the winds, nor how much rain pelts against my skin. My trust is in God. He is trustworthy.

Dear Reader, if you are facing some storms take heart. There is a God who loves and cares for you. If you are too tired to walk, he will carry you. No matter what happens remain steadfast in his love. When things get the darkest, it is God’s greatest moment to reveal how furiously he loves you. Do not give up. I can tell you now that you do not want to miss out on what he will do amidst the storm.