Especially The Impossible

As a child I remember believing in impossibly big things. Adults, friends even family would all make sure to tell me the reality of life. Simply put, some things would never happen. But when you are born a dreamer, it is a part of you that never dies. It is big faith. No matter whatContinue reading “Especially The Impossible”

Love Letters From God: NIrV Bible

This sweet children’s Bible is simple yet beautiful. If you have read the book, Love Letters From God you know that it is a personal application for kids to understand that the Bible was written for them. There are some excerpts of similar artwork throughout the pages but I was hoping for more of themContinue reading “Love Letters From God: NIrV Bible”

All That She Needed To Know

This is from a previous blog that I wanted to repost. It has been good for me to be reminded of this post personally and I hope it will inspire others. Enjoy! SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2013 All that she needed to know She stood there shimmering with a beauty that defied all logic. After everythingContinue reading “All That She Needed To Know”

The Journey I Started One Year Ago

WordPress just announced to me that it is my one-year anniversary since starting to blog on their site. As I reflect on the year where I decided to not allow silence to dictate my life, and instead use the gift of writing God has given me, I see how silence would have been deadly. TheContinue reading “The Journey I Started One Year Ago”