Do Not Fear The Night

The dark, it has a sinister presence. Have you ever noticed how much your perspective changes in the dark? That chair looks to be an ominous crouching figure. The chair leg stepped in front of you and stubbed that toe of yours. Pain, it is unbearable in that moment. Putting laughter aside, when we faceContinue reading “Do Not Fear The Night”

A Must Read! Destined to Win by Kris Vallotton

What is holding us back? Have you ever wanted to stand firm in who you are and not sink back into false guilt, fear, or self-loathing? Destined To Win by Kris Vallotton eloquently and honestly addresses heart issues and lies that may keep us from living with our full potential. He talks about important keysContinue reading “A Must Read! Destined to Win by Kris Vallotton”