Mom’s Day

Me and Mom

When I think of this day so many different emotions surface. Tears sting my eyes and my words get stuck in my throat. It is a mingling of both sorrow and joy. It is beautiful.⁣

I thought today that I would share my Mom with you. This is the 5th Mother’s day that she is celebrating victory. I know that up there she finally knows that she did not fail as a Mom. She was much like many of you- often feeling like she never measured up, could always do better and somehow failed at Mommying by the end of the day.⁣

I adored my Mom. I wasn’t perfect and neither was she. When I was with her she made me feel seen, heard and loved. We shared a bond that many never know. She was a great gift. She brought a piece of Heaven on earth, showing me God’s heart.⁣

My prayer for you on a day like today is for you to know how big, how wide, and how far God’s love for you is. God’s love for you is so vast whether you have or had a loving Mother or not. There is no better day than today to love big, forgive much and laugh in the face of uncertainty. ⁣

Happy Mom’s day to my Momma and to those of you who Mother without expectation of anything in return. You are loved. God is near you today. Many blessings upon you and those you love. ⁣

Beauty Amidst Difficulty

I have been writing things in my head for the past few weeks. The same phrase that I keep going to is this:


So often I see others struggle with what is going on in their lives. How we respond to things in our lives that are out of our control often reveal the core of who we really are. With God there is always beauty amidst everything.

It is a beautiful process as God reveals things deep within us that he wants to transform. He desires wholeness for each of us. He desires us to be healed and empowered. Tenderly yet powerfully he frees us from things that hold us back, tie us down and keep us further from him. 

Ever since Mom passed away my heart has gone through some very hard places. To admit this is not a bad thing. In fact, I would not change a thing. In my darkest moments I have met beauty and love. When a sneaker wave of grief comes still to this day the beauty of falling into the waves of his presence is unlike anything that I have experienced. I would not trade this journey for anything.

In his presence nothing compares. No drug, no supplement, no maple Bismarck (my favorite), no best day, no, absolutely nothing compares to being with Jesus! I have also come to realize this strange paradox about life and our home to come, Heaven. When I am close to Holy Spirit and spending time in his presence, time somehow becomes tied directly to eternity, uniting the two together. I know that my Mom is in Heaven worshiping our Lord. When I come into his presence and experience his holiness it is there that I know my Mom and I are having the same communion with Jesus.

There is nothing more beautiful than knowing that my Lord loves me so much that he made a way for me to be in a relationship with him, which ties me to eternity even in this life. I have the divine privilege to be with him. Knowing that my Mom is with him in a different way at home while I get as many to join me on the way brings tears to my eyes. Why? To live this live is a privilege with Jesus. What he has done for me is such a gift. This gift is for everyone for he loves each of us just as if we were all his favorite.

Life is difficult, but dear one, it too is so incredibly beautiful with Jesus! 

“Just because it is difficult does not mean it is not beautiful”. K.N.Y.