Will You Listen?

I have a story to tell but I am sworn to silence. I want to tell you of heaven and hell and how I’ve experienced both. I have a story to tell. I am told to lie and that I am to blame. I experience heartbreak after heartbreak as my voice gets thrown under theContinue reading “Will You Listen?”

I Dreamt Of You Today

The death of my baby, the love for my stepdaughter and years of healing have dug up dreams from my childhood. Please read below: I dreamt of you today with curly flowing hair and laughter that carried on the wind. Heaven collided with earth. I dreamt of you today climbing trees, getting scraped knees. IContinue reading “I Dreamt Of You Today”

Never Surrender Your Hope

Intensity. Passion. Victory. Life is interesting. Are you contending for something great? Does it feel as if the darkness presses in close to you as you wait for your miracle? Never surrender your hope. When it feels as if lifes punches have taken your breath away. Choose joy. There is a God who loves youContinue reading “Never Surrender Your Hope”

The Choice I Make

There is something very powerful when we can make the decision to choose hope. I truly believe that hope is often a choice much like love is. There are many mountains in our lives. Much of what we face look impossible through our eyes. But if we choose hope, we choose to look at lifeContinue reading “The Choice I Make”

Celebrate Michael

Let me introduce you to someone so precious. He was a miracle. He was a gift. The first part of November I was having strange symptoms. At first I thought my body was responding to an amazing but extremely busy season of ministry & was protesting. I had also been battling colds for a monthContinue reading “Celebrate Michael”