A Must Read! Destined to Win by Kris Vallotton


What is holding us back? Have you ever wanted to stand firm in who you are and not sink back into false guilt, fear, or self-loathing? Destined To Win by Kris Vallotton eloquently and honestly addresses heart issues and lies that may keep us from living with our full potential. He talks about important keys from scripture that establish who each of us are in Christ and applies it to life and ministry.


Some of my favorite topics were where Vallotton addressed some of the reasons why we might tend to strive too much or somehow stray from our destinies. A large portion of what he talks about is “discovering your people”. Are you working for and/or surrounding yourself with people with the same vision, same passion and same heart? Often times we just have not yet found our people who will not only encourage us along the way but partner with us to fulfill God’s call upon our lives. Other topics included establishing healthy boundaries, knowing that Jesus is the savior and we are not, forgiveness, and understanding that it will take a lot of hard work to fulfill your destiny.


What I love the most is that Vallotton is so open about his own life that anyone can relate. He uses a great balance of humor and truth that I often found myself highlighting, circling and starring things on the pages as well as saying, “uh huh” or “right on” out loud. I deeply appreciate his honesty. I value his insight from the wisdom that he has gained from his own life and study of God’s word.


God desires each of us to live victorious, free and full of joy and hope. The question is whether you are ready to live out your God given destiny and put in the hard work to do so? Each of us are Destined to Win.


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Love Letters From God: NIrV Bible


This sweet children’s Bible is simple yet beautiful. If you have read the book, Love Letters From God you know that it is a personal application for kids to understand that the Bible was written for them. There are some excerpts of similar artwork throughout the pages but I was hoping for more of them since the book was amazing. Despite that the illustrations have how to guides on things like praying, the Ten Commandments and information about Jesus.

My favorite part of this version of a children’s Bible are the love letters from God. These are written by Glenys Nellist, who authored, Love Letters from God. It is the same simple layout. Your child gets to insert their name into the letter written from God and then they can reply back to it on the side. Below that there is a verse that the children can meditate on and memorize themselves. These three tools are excellent ways to help make the Bible become a big part of your children’s lives. If the Bible just becomes a book to read there is no point to it. But if we can get our kids to understand that the Bible is a love letter from God, that it is a guide on how to live our lives, we have a big win there. I believe that for many kids this could be one of their favorite Bibles.

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God Hates Suffering



This simple yet profound book is life changing. For years I have asked questions about the suffering of those I love so dearly. Many that I know have experienced inner turmoil over the suffering of others. If you have had any questions about how God feels about suffering or wondered if he was the cause of it please read this book. The title of the book is the answer to your question and is simple God hates suffering. Because of this truth you understand that he is a God that has great love and compassion towards us. If you do not believe this then I encourage you to research for yourself the biblical content in this book.

Dr. Davenport provides stirring accounts of biblical proof to reveal to any reader that Jesus had compassion and love for the suffering during his ministry on earth. How you view people with sicknesses, disabilities, and certain types of afflictions may change after reading, God Hates Suffering. What I love most about what Dr. Davenport conveys is the importance of partnering with heaven and that we must confront suffering the same way as Jesus. Biblically you can see how Jesus confronted suffering. Every opportunity that he had he loved others and healed people everywhere he went. Compassion ran through his veins. If we do not have this same love and compassion we will not be portraying the true identity of Christ to anyone.

As you read you will see Dr. Davenport’s story interwoven in the pages as he discusses compassion as it relates to the Kingdom, how we are to live compassionately, how to respond to defeat and how to approach healing and deliverance. Each of us may come with our own different theologies and thoughts on this topic but Dr. Davenport does an excellent job providing biblical proof that God hates suffering. Truly, His Compassion is Our Commission.

Brew a good cup of coffee today and enjoy Dr. Bryan Davenport’s book, God Hates Suffering: His Compassion is Our Commission.

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Heart Made Whole

Heart Made Whole

Heart Made Whole is such a treasure of a book. If you do not want to have open-heart surgery with your inner being then I would advise you to pass this one on by. But if you want to begin a journey where you start to turn your unhealed pain into your greatest strength, read Heart Made Whole. With Christa’s raw openness about her own journey combined with the truth in Gods word, our precious Healer uses the power of His love in our lives as we witness Christa’s testimony unfold. If we are ready to run to God rather than someone or something else to help with the pain you will finally be ready for your heart to begin healing.

Maybe you have already been on this journey and think that you do not need to read a book about it. Can I tell you that at first I thought the same thing? I was surprised to find that this book was like pouring gasoline onto my own heart healing. Because Christa was so open and wrote in such a way that spoke to my artistic and visual heart, I related to her story. I had many “aha” moments and sweet revelations in my own personal journey of healing. For this reason I took my time reading the book as I allowed God to reveal deep things in my heart that He longs to restore and strengthen.

Besides my own personal opinion that this book is by far one of my favorites it has other great assets to it as well. To end each chapter, Christa has written “personal workbook sections” that allow the reader to apply the journey of healing into their lives. Heart Made Whole would be an excellent book for small groups, ladies groups, and recovery programs. Christa is not afraid to get into the nitty gritty details and dig deep which challenges each of us as readers to allow God into every area of our heart. When we do that, each of us finds exactly what our hearts have longed for. Healing. Wholeness. To find a safe place in Gods arms to be exactly who he designed us to be.

Heart Made Whole: Turning Your Unhealed Pain Into Your Greatest Strength.

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Keeper of the Stars. Robin Lee Hatcher


Keeper of the Stars by Robin Lee Hatcher is a fun read that has a well-blended story that begins with heartache but ends with healing and love. It is what I would call a luxurious read, the type of books that you pick up to be able to relax and enjoy a good story. I found myself relating to the grieving process as well as the journey to healing that she writes about. Like previous Robin Lee Hatcher books, you read for pure enjoyment, for a mental vacation. When I read Keeper of the Stars I had fun reading it even though it was centered around the loss of the main characters brother and how the family overcame challenges.


The characters are relatable. The story focuses on Jesus, love of family and of significant others. Insecurities, pride, and the special journey we all take to meet Jesus are all interwoven into these characters. I enjoyed the relationship between Father and daughter as well as sister to brother. Core family values and the importance of loving one another is also a key theme.


The next time you want a clean, romantic book to read pick up Keeper of the Stars, and enjoy!


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Fun Book For Kids


The father-son author duo, Robert J and Robert A Skead have written a riveting book for elementary kids. The second book in their American Revolutionary War Adventures titled, Submarines, Secrets & A Daring Rescue, is certain to capture young readers.

Even though the story is not historically accurate, the Skead’s make sure to note what the differences are and describe that they changed it to fit their story. I love this because your kids will learn about history, faith and honor all in one book. The differences in historical content encourages readers to continue on this adventure with the main characters Ambrose and John Clark who are twin brothers. 

Have your kids join their mission and be swept up in dangerous situations as well as heroic acts for one another as they find that they are their older brothers only hope. History, faith, brotherhood, and adventure are all great themes in this book. 


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For the Love: Fighting For Grace In A World of Impossible Standards by Jen Hatmaker


Jen Hatmaker is the type of woman who speaks what most people wish they had the courage to speak themselves. With blunt honesty she writes about  family, ministry, church, Motherhood, friends, and grace through it all. She says things in such a refreshing way because she is so honest. I know that she may get flack for such ways but I have such respect for her honest words that are rooted in love of God.

I literally was laughing out loud so much that I had tears rolling down my face only for the next few chapters to hit me in my gut with the truth. I found myself nodding in agreement to her truthful words that too many have struggled to say for fear of “hurting someone else feelings” or “not being politically correct”.  Truth was never meant to be sugar coated and washed down with a juice cocktail of processed man made ingredients. Hatmaker brings truth that is neither sugar coated or watered down.

For the Love will encourage you to be yourself in a world full of hypocrisy, judgment, and a constant battle against God and his truth. We need to foster community and be an encouraging family that offers grace amidst our imperfections. She welcomes people to be more honest and push fear of what others think aside. She welcomes you to cheer each other on. She welcomes you to look at life with a good sense of humor.

Love one another. Offer grace. And at the end of the day, let us affirm and encourage each other. This is the biblical perspective that is written throughout Jen Hatmaker’s book, For the Love.

I received this book free from booklookbloggers.com and these opinions are my own.