Coffee Break: See The Beauty

Can you pause with me for a moment? Pour that cup of coffee and savor it for a moment longer than you might do on an ordinary day. Sit down and take a deep breath. What can you hear? Can you hear birds outside, the laughter down the hall or do you have music playing? In this moment of pause, is there something beautiful you could have missed if you had rushed about and let your coffee go cold?⁣

I was struck with gratitude the other day as I saw neighbor kids finally playing outside for the first time since quarantines began. My heart did a flutter. My eyes got misty as I realized how beautiful it was to have children who finally were allowed to do what any child should be allowed to do- play. Their contagious laughter filled me up until I breathed in deep to cherish the memory. I wanted to soak up the moment knowing how suddenly life could change. ⁣

In this moment of pause, what is it that you want to soak up and imprint forever upon your memory? Have you taken time to grieve what may have changed in a years time? ⁣

If I need to, I can pass you some tissues to usher in compassion and care for the losses that need acknowledgment. I would encourage the tears that need to be released from the iron gates you put up to help walk your family and friends through one trial to the next. In this moment of pause it is okay to release grief. Let go if you’ve been holding on for too long. ⁣

Sweet Jesus has never left your side. He will weep with you and celebrate the precious moments. Life is both so simple and complex. There is beauty amidst suffering and trial. We just need to pause. ⁣

Sit down with me and take a deep breath. Simple sunrises and sunsets were not meant to be ignored, nor were the chirping birds, budding flowers or the deep belly laughter from kids. ⁣

Sit with me. ⁣

Pause and embrace a moment of beauty. ⁣

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