I Failed At Coming Up With A Good Title. Creative Writing Here.

Here is a little piece of creative writing that I have been working on. This is the kind of writing that I absolutely love to do. Enjoy! I walked down the rocky path full of colors of grey and brown. I descended from a mountain high up where home base was to welcome me backContinue reading “I Failed At Coming Up With A Good Title. Creative Writing Here.”

Love Letters From God: NIrV Bible

This sweet children’s Bible is simple yet beautiful. If you have read the book, Love Letters From God you know that it is a personal application for kids to understand that the Bible was written for them. There are some excerpts of similar artwork throughout the pages but I was hoping for more of themContinue reading “Love Letters From God: NIrV Bible”

All That She Needed To Know

This is from a previous blog that I wanted to repost. It has been good for me to be reminded of this post personally and I hope it will inspire others. Enjoy! SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2013 All that she needed to know She stood there shimmering with a beauty that defied all logic. After everythingContinue reading “All That She Needed To Know”