Punching Pain in the Face (insert LOL here)


Life with Jesus is the best adventure! It truly is.

In my life, I have been through some very hurtful and hard things. I have seen betrayal, loss and heartache over and over. So have many of you. One of the most interesting things about us is our response or reaction to the times where our lives are being hit with one painful process after another. Some choose to ignore the pain and let it rot within them. Others quite literally look pain in the face to meet it head on in order to let it go.

I have found that facing the pain head on is where you are faced with the decision to choose freedom. A year ago today I was physically ill (much more ill than I originally thought) and was experiencing grief as the holiday season was rearing its head full on. Looking back there is a complete difference within my heart as well as my body today. Part of my healing process has been a physical journey where I have made lifestyle changes as to what I consume and even how I care for myself. Another part of my healing journey has been confronting pain and kicking it right in its face! I am not even joking here. I literally have confronted issues, vocalized them out loud and then verbally forgave every single person that was involved, forgiving individuals even for how their action or lack of action made me feel.

When you hold onto pain eventually you get used to it being around. Pain can be a friend when its cause is to alert us that some action needs to take place immediately in order for healing to occur after. But pain can be our foe when we allow it to rot within us choosing to ignore the causes to the symptoms we are having. Some may not even realize how pain rears its butt ugly head in their lives but it eventually does manifest itself. It takes a toll on your body. Now just imagine for a moment what it does to your heart if you are not inwardly taking care of the issues that pain has caused. It gets more ugly the deeper in you get.

The beautiful thing about God is that he joins us in our healing journeys. When we look pain in the face and expose all the ugly, it is an opportunity for us to welcome our healer and our Abba God to come and do what he does best. He cleans us up and turns all the scars from our pain into something beautiful. When the shackles of pain release through the act of forgiveness freedom and joy like never before come to flood our soul. This is good for the body too! Forgiveness is one of the best self care protocols that everyone should practice regularly.

Be kind to one another. Be kind to yourself as you allow God to work deep in your heart to bring you into a greater level of freedom. Face the pain and get to the root of it so that you can punch pain right in its face. Do not harbor this any longer! Let it go. Forgive. As you do this it is sending long quenched nutrients to grow the fruits of the Spirit in your life.


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