freedom birds

The past several weeks have been very full! As I reflect back I am not the same on the inside as I was even 3 weeks ago. This is the beautiful thing about this amazing journey called life. It is one grand adventure even through heartache and pain.

After God destroys poison sewn into your being and shows you how you must change, freedom is what you gain when you do exactly what he says.

Years ago, God showed me how the enemy thought he could steal my voice. An image of his hands choking me around my neck and then Jesus nodding to me to destroy the bondage was the beginning of annialating the enemy. I have continued this journey and have come to realize just how important I am. It is why there has been such a battle for my life at such an early age.

Certain lies that I was told from a very young age have surfaced in the last several weeks. Pure poison. I was reminded this week about how God can turn all these things into something beautiful. He truly makes you stronger when you come to realize that you believed lies and can walk into the identity he always destined you to walk in. Now that is powerful!

I am not sure as to the timing of it but I do know that I am a new woman. The thing about my personality is that I truly care about everything. I want the best for everyone. I desire peace. I desire those I love to be happy. I desire people to understand me. If it were a perfect world people would know me for me. If it were a perfect world people would desire the best for me as well. But we live in a fallen world where jealousy, insecurity, misunderstanding, and selfishness run rampant. I know and understand how jealous the enemy has been. It is why he has attempted to convince me that I was nothing. No spirit of suicide, lies, or the worst acts upon my growing family and me will ever be able to deter our destiny.

Do you know how powerful your destiny designed by God is? Do you realize that the attack from the enemy would not be so prevalent or consistent if your destiny was not great? You are Gods most prized creation. He designed you for greatness. He designed you to fly rather than be held down by lies.




Will you take today to confront the lies that you have been believing about yourself? Will you decide today to destroy any strongholds that the enemy might have in your life?

Destroy the enemy.

Choose love.

Choose joy.

Fly dear one into the freedom that God has waiting for you!






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