Dream Big


Dreaming Big.

There is something rather phenomenal when new life is breathed on impossibilities. This cannot happen unless an inner working of the heart and a transformation of the mind takes place. It is too easy to get caught up in the constant working and toiling; when the battle seems so intense because hit after hit keeps coming.

I had started to ask God many months ago why things have been so intense for so long. Not only did I realize that big destinies and big dreams are met with much opposition but we must be prepared for whatever may come. God showed me an image of myself, only I was an MMA fighter. My knuckles were wrapped and I was in my own fighting attire. I was taking hit after hit. It was intense. Sometimes my focus would blur after a blow but I remained standing. Bruises were all over my body, knuckles bloodied and lungs burning. But I remained standing.

God said, “This has been a time of preparation for the blessings I have wanted to give you as you pursue the dreams I planted in your heart and the heart of Jeremy. Like any fighter, you must train and prepare for each hit and blow. I have huge things planned for you. You are strong. Look at how you are still standing. Look at how your fighting body has been prepared and hardened but your heart has remained genuine, loving and grateful. You have a heart of a warrior. Now, keep dreaming.”

Dreams can only become a reality when one is willing to go through some really intense hard work. There will be discouragements along the way. At times it will feel like the dream is unattainable.

Do not give up. Keep going.

Some people will tell you that it is impossible. Others will discourage you because they are intimidated by you. The enemy will do all he can to derail you. He will take cheap shots because that is who he is.

But God, the one who planted those dreams in your heart, has already won. When you look at your life and you are taking hit after hit, all you must do is remain standing. Even if you fall several times get back up. Intensity can be met with the realization that your dream is worth every ounce of breath that you take.


“Be bold!”

This is what I keep hearing from God. As he has taught me what this journey looks like, he tells me to keep on dreaming. He tells me to be bold. I am still standing. I still have breath in my lungs. Every bruise, every bloodied knuckle has taught me who I am.

No one and nothing that has happened nor what will happen will change who I am in the Lord. I am his.

In him I will stand.

I will keep on dreaming.

2 responses to “Dream Big”

  1. I am in love with your writing! I adore who YOU are! Your dreams are alive inside of you! Hehe!!!


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