Letting Go is Powerful



With my own journey of grieving I have learned that letting go is a crucial part of living life abundantly. Sometimes letting go can be really hard. It can feel horrible, almost as if a part of you is going away. I have learned that God uses the process to bring about a better blessing. When this process happens I have realized how much God wanted me to be free from bondage and unhealthy perspectives. I would never have understood this unless I was open to letting go no matter how much it hurt.


Too often we hold on when we just need to release our grasp and fall to the ground in surrender to God. The greatest thing about God is that he understands this process is painful for us.  It is crucial we let go otherwise we will remain stuck, get sluggish, apathetic, or even become bitter. Sometimes we place too much of our time looking back when God wants us to strain forward and press on to our goal. The goal is in front of us, not behind. I am not saying that you should never reminisce or never remember fondly the things of the past. There is a time for proper reflection and honor of what the past has taught us while anticipating all that God has for us in the present.


God is so beautiful and so are his ways. He understands that this is a process for us. His timing is perfect and he knows just how much we can handle. He is also very gracious, giving us time to work through everything mentally, spiritually and even in the physical sense. Every action of letting go is powerful!


There are times when it feels like letting go is just too much, the weight too heavy, and the memory too deep. But from experience, anytime I have let go when it hurt beyond description, the freedom and grace brought about new wind to my aching wings in flight. Even though the tears flowed, relief came a few days later. Letting go is crucial for growth to happen, for fluid momentum to continue moving forward.


Letting go is a powerful action. It speaks of grace, of trust in God and understanding that it is the strength that comes from God that enables true release, true freedom. After all, it is in his strength that we find joy.


Letting go is a beautiful process. It reminds me that in the mess of us, God is there and loves us still.

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