A Few of My Favorite Things


I love being a Wife! Marrying my husband was a dream come true for me in 2011. We both have an adventurous heart so you will often find us laughing as we try new foods, and enjoy new places. Both of us love Jesus and you will find us ministering and serving our city through our church.


I love being a Mom! When I married my husband I had the honor to become a Stepmom. I love our daughter very much and hope the best is yet to come for her. Being a stepmom comes with challenges but I would not trade it for anything in the world. She is worth it!

In 2017 I also became a birth Mom to a sweet baby in Heaven. As a family we named him Michael. We are hopeful for the growth of our family in the coming years and pray for anyone enduring the heartache of infertility.


I love friends! If I could spend my entire life traveling the world and praying for people I would. Missions burns very intensely in my heart. I want to meet you and see God do miracles in your life. Usually you will see me with coffee cup in hand as I believe that God uses coffee to unite the most unlikeliest of peoples. If I ever have the privilege to meet you, I hope I can sit down with you over a hot cup of coffee.


I love speaking the truths of God over everyone. I love God and his word so much that to share it with you gets my blood pumping. It is a thrill to share the bondage breaking truths, and treasures from the Bible. Other than writing, speaking is my favorite way to share the beautiful message for all of us. I have enjoyed opportunities at my local church and have had the honor to speak into other’s lives at ladies events, chapels and more.


I love art! From as far back as I can remember I have enjoyed being creative. I would draw, paint, color and design jewelry growing up. After my Aunt died in a tragic car crash I began to paint as a way of honoring her. Painting then took its course as therapy for my soul. When I paint now, I paint with my Creator and a special truth from Him always is the end result once the painting is complete.